Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Museum Exhibit -- ToyMaker 3000

One exhibit we were all impressed with at the MSI was the "Toymaker 3000". The exhibit started with how a toy is conceptualized, followed the process through the struggles of a fledgeling toy company, and eventually to manufacturing. The toymaker 3000 actually assembles a 'Gravitron' toy from all of the individual parts. It makes green gravitrons all day long, but for only $3 it will allow you to custom order your own gravitron in green, orange or purple, with your name and the manufacture date stamped into the top.

A 2nd assembly line can actually be seen disassembling the generic green gravitrons which weren't purchased.

Ryan bought a purple gravitron with his name stamped in the top, and we followed it all the way through to the end, where it was packaged, and a robotic arm handed it to him.

ToyMaker 3000 Automation

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