Saturday, February 06, 2010


I am taking some time this weekend to scan in a bunch more old(er) family photos. So far, I've got about 80 scanned in, but of course I've barely scraped the surface of this box. I've also skipped over a lot of photos, such as landscape photos and pictures taken of vacation landmarks that didn't include anyone we knew. (I figure, if I want to look at the Epcot sphere that badly, I can find an image online. No need to scan this particular photo of it.)

Anyway, they're all on my picasa web site, uploading as I scan. And, if I find a particularly emb--- I mean, INTERESTING photo, I might even upload and tag it on facebook. (Hi Brad!)

Anyway, just wanted to give everyone (or, anyone who still happens to check this site now and then) a heads up that more photos area going online.