Saturday, April 09, 2005

Youngstown Cafe

Since mom was gracious enough to take Ryan off of our hands for the weekend, Allison and I decided to have dinner out. Initially, we were going to eat at Granite City. We've eaten there before and it was delicious. Tonight, however, we decided we might be a bit under dressed and to eat next door at the youngstown cafe instead. While the style and atmosphere reminded me of a Panera Bread, the quality didn't. I ordered 'The Ryan' sandwich, and allison a small sandwich and salad combo. As for the sandwich, I had a difficult time finding the thin pieces of grilled chicken breast between the four inches of bread. And allison's salad was half brown. Take my advice. . . Next time you're looking for a soup and sandwich type meal, stick to Panera. Or even better, try lunch at Mama Compton's in downtown Rock Island.