Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Museum Exhibit -- Game On!

One of our favorite exhibits at the Museum of Science and Industry was "Game On". This exhibit was an extra $5 per person to see, but worth every bit.

The exhibit covers the history of video games from the 1960's foward. It shows archaic computers, an original arcade version of pong, in the wooden cabinet, all the way up to the latest PS2 and Xbox games. The great thing about it was seeing all of the history, the old commodore 64 and atari 2600 systems, as well as bieng able to play games on each. There must have been more than 100 games in that exhibit, all available to try. Anyone for the atari classic Pitfall? How about a game of Breakout?

And, as one member of our party found out, there's a small padded corner about halfway through the exhibit that's perfect for sitting down for a short nap. (If you can stand the noise...)

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