Monday, March 07, 2005

Chicago trip: Day 1

The first stop on our educational weekend getaway was the John G Shedd Aquarium, on the shores of Lake Michigan. Inside this underwarter zoo we saw dolphins, beluga whales, penguins, various sharks, rays, eels, and more. While interesting, the aquarium was about a two and a half hour tour, start to finish. It was crowded, and for the entry price of $23 (Plus $4 ticketmaster fee), I don't think we'll go back again any time soon.

Shedd Aquarium

We spent the afternoon visiting Allison's sister, and enjoyed a fine chicago-style pizza dinner. Other than one brief incident where two paint handprints ended up on the basement carpet, (at least one of which was just a perfect match for Ryan's hand) it was a fairly quiet afternoon. After such all the walking and excitement of the day, Ryan went for a swim, and then we all retired to the quiet of our room at the Courtyard.

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