Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Chicago Trip: Day 2

After a long and mildly restful nights stay at the local Courtyard hotel, we were back on the road again headed towards Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry.

We planned our trip so that we'd hit MSI on a 'Free day', so general admission to the museum was free. Unfortunately, we also decided to see an Omnimax and the Game On exhibit, for a total cost of nearly $40 for the 3 of us.

The movie was alright... not the type of film I'd normally want to see, but it was nice to have the 'omnimax' experience. Game on was worth the $5 a head to get in. We also spent $3 for the toymaker 3000 exhibit, again well worth it to see the production and 'personalize' the experience.

The MSI was also hosting an exhibit called 'Body Worlds' that looked really interesting, but was a bit too adult for taking a 5 year old through, I believe. The exhibit consist of skinned human bodies and body parts, posed in ways to display human anatomy. I'd love to go back sometime and see the exhibit, given the chance.

We left the museum just before it closed at 4pm, got home by 7, and were in bed by a little after 8. Wow... I'm glad I've got the rest of the week off to recover!

Welcome to The Museum of Science and Industry

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