Monday, May 31, 2004

What a weekend!

This weekend we took a short trip to St. Louis. Having 3 full days for the trip really gave us a chance to take our time and enjoy ourselves. It also gave us a chance to get lost about a dozen times. While a storm cut our Sunday activities short, we still found time for fun and relaxation. Saturday we took our time getting here, and missed an exit on the way. On the up side, I figure we only lost an hour or so as a result, and we saw some different scenery on the way.
After a few hours in the waterpark and a spin on each of Ryan's favorite rides (The Joker and The Screaming Eagle) we decided to head out and get lost on our way to a relaxing evening at the hotel. We also spent Sunday at Six Flags, but left early because tornado warnings had shut down all the rides. While leaving the park we decided to try and find a grocery store and got lost again on the way. (And again later that night when we ran out of bread in the hotel room.)
Monday was a day for visiting other local attractions and once again for taking it slow and easy. Allison and I wanted to see the Anheuser-Busch brewery, and get Lost on the way. Unfortunately, the hotel actually gave good directions this time, so we found it with little trouble. (Except that when we got there Allison missed the entrance, so we had to drive around the entire 70 blocks the brewery sits on to get in.)

Well, Allison is bugging me to come eat lunch, but there's more to come, including pictures!

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