Monday, May 31, 2004

Memorial day fun

If you haven't been to the brewery tour, you should really stop next time your in St. Louis. It's amazing to stand in a room with 23 million gallons off Budweiser aging overhead. And to see 1950 cans coming off the line EVERY MINUTE really puts things into a new perspective.
From the brewery, its almost a straight shot to the famous Arch. If you have a skilled navigating team like we did, you still might Get lost trying to park. We ended up in Illinois.
While we didn't get to go up in the arch due to time constraints, we did get up close and personal, so Ryan could get an idea of just how big the monument is. Again, I'll post pictures later.
All in all, we had a pretty good weekend. We managed to stop for lunch and get back on the highway without getting lost. We might even make it home without too much trouble. We'll see.
I'll post pictures of everything when we get home, as well as whether or not we got lost on the way.
I hope you had as nice a memorial day weekend as we did.

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