Tuesday, December 23, 2008

An early start to Christmas

In order to avoid possible weather delays caused by this evening's storm, Allison and I left work a little early today to head out and visit family. Once we got to my Mom's house, I insisted that everyone there open presents from us right away. What can I say, I can't help but be excited to see others open what I've wrapped up for them.

So, Mom has a new Hearing assistance device which will hopefully help her hear the phone better. Allison was lucky enough to get a new Camera and a couple of her perrenial gifts, the Cookie Crunch candle. Ryan has already read 3 of his 4 new pocket adventure books, and is looking forward to playing the 2nd Edition Harry Potter Scene It game. Oh, and me? I scored pretty well too. I came away with the latest edition of one of my favorite book series (Uncle John's Bathroom Reader), Rascal Flatts Greatest Hits Volume 1, and an outfit for William that has tools down the front and 'Daddy's Buddy' on the breast pocket. All in all, a Very Merry Christmas.

And Christmas Eve isn't even here yet!

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