Friday, November 24, 2006

UCLA student tazerd by Police after not showing ID

This video has prompted discussion across the net and around the nation, as outrage spreads over the apparent abuse of a student by police. There has been significant debate over whether the police were out of line, but most people have been outraged upon first seeing the video.

Essentially, the student was in the UCLA library after 11pm, when only students are allowed. When prompted by university staff, the student refused to show his student ID. At this point, university staff left and called the police. The student gathers his things, puts on his backpack, and is walking towards the door. Police arrive, grab the student by the arm, and that's where the video begins.

The video itself is not great quality, and actually shows little of the incident, with the audio track adding a lot of emotion.

The ACLU has stepped in to help the student sue the school now, and investigations are pending but not likely to be finished before sometime in January.

Whose side are you on? Did the kid get what he deserves? Or were the police way out of line?

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