Friday, November 24, 2006

Picasa photo management

Since I got my new digital camera, I've come to appreciate another of google's apps I hadn't tried before. Picasa is a photo management app. It's main purpose is organizing photos, but it also does a great job at minor editing, importing pictures from a camera or scanner, posting to the web (blog or album), and has a host of other nice features.

It's available as part of the google pack, which bundles many of google's popular tools (toolbar, picasa, earth, etc) into one easy download. (Note the convenient banner at the top of the page! Just click it to get the google pack for yourself!) (Or you can get just Picasa by scrolling down this page and clicking the Picasa square on the right side.)

(C'mon, click it, install it, try it, love it. You know you want to. Plus, if enough people actually try it from this link, I get a little bit of money from google. You'll like it, but don't take my word for it, Try it!)

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