Saturday, April 04, 2009

Home Ownership Delayed. . . Again.

We had an appointment scheduled to close on our house Tuesday morning, and it finally seemed like all of the barriers had come down, all of the glitches rolled out, and we were actually going to own a house by Tuesday afternoon. I knew it was too good to be true…

Today I got a call from Joyce at the attorney’s office where they are handling my closing.  It seems there was a miscommunication as to when HUD’s closing agents needed the final numbers in hand.  My people were planning to send the numbers to their people today, since they said they needed 3 days to get the papers processed.  Unfortunately, their people count 3 days differently than my people, and won’t make Tuesday’s closing since they didn’t have the numbers by close of business yesterday.  Because of this, the closing has been delayed until Thursday.  As a matter of convenience for Allison and I, we will still go to the attorney’s office Tuesday morning to handle our side of the closing, but won’t actually get to take possession of the house until Thursday.  At least that means we won’t have to re arrange our work schedules for next week around the new closing.

So, I wonder what could go wrong between now and Thursday to put it off yet again. . . ? :)

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