Thursday, February 26, 2009

One move (almost) down, one to go

Today we are moving my department to a new area of the building. We might have a bit less space overall, but everyone gets their own office, plus we have a decent sized common area and a kitchen area.

It will be nice to have my own office, but more importantly it will be nice not to sit directly in front of the window into the main door of our area. I always felt like everyone who walked by was watching me.

The construction guys are here moving our desks and mounting our overhead cabinets. When they first hung my cabinets though, they put them in the wrong place. Now they're moving them over to the right spot.

One down side to my new office, it only has one AC outlet. I've got a lot of stuff to plug in, so I'm going to end up using a power strip or two. Not a huge issue, but I hope the circuit can handle it.

We've also started packing at home now, Allison got about 4 boxes filled last night. I need to bring more boxes home from work. I'll probably pack a bit tonight, but I've got to go to the 'Healthy Living' class after work again, so I won't get until 6:30 or so. Still, we're hoping to close on the house March 11th or 12th, so that doesn't give us a lot of time. I'd like to move the weekend of the 14th, but we may not get to until the weekend of the 21st, depending on how things go. We'd like to paint a couple of rooms before we move in, and we're going to have to get a fridge somewhere.

For those who haven't already seen it, here's a picture of our new house, as shown in the listing:

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