Friday, October 05, 2007

Once more, with Feeling!

We just got a call from the owner of the house we had applied to rent, and we're to sign papers this afternoon.  At this point, I'm thrilled that the previous deal fell through, as I like this house a great deal more than the apartment we were looking at before.  It's a bit smaller, I think, and the small bedrooms will be an issue, but it's also less expensive, and an all around nicer place. 

I'll take the camera with this afternoon and take some pictures to share.  For those familiar with the area, it's on 11th Avenue, just a few blocks from Ryan's school on 41st St.  It's a 'Molette' house, which apparently means it's a slab house, with floor heat, and with a steel frame. If you want to know more, ask. 

Here's an aerial view of the house, courtesy of Windows Live Maps.  It's the one near the middle of the picture, with the uglyish green house next to it. 

Map image

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