Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Fee-based Tech Support

I've recently stumbled across a few companies that do tech support by phone, for a per minute fee. I've contacted the companies, and tried to work for a few of them, but haven't been able to get hired on yet. So, I was thinking, what does it take to do this? You have to be able to get calls -- 800 numbers are cheap these days. You have to be able to take payments -- paypal offers storefront support. You need pc skills (I think I've got that covered fairly well). You need a way to get customers. Hmm... advertising on here wouldn't do me much good, since this is seen mostly by friends and family, and not even a lot of those. But, I could get a seperate web page up, advertise with google/yahoo/etc, advertise locally...

Could I get the demand up to keep me busy for a while? To make enough money to feed my family? What's a fair rate to charge for something like that? I've seen others priced between $1-2/minute, is that reasonable?

Comments welcome, on here or by mail.

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